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Re: How to flag an upgrade?

Erik Bourget <erik@midmaine.com> writes:

> "Gianluca Ciarcelluti" <gianluca@ciarcelluti.it> writes:
>> Hi there!
>> I developed a package under debian.
>> When I try to install it trough "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade" it
>> continue to reinstall it instead of display the message
>> "Sorry, hexedit is already the newest version.".
>> I whoud pleasent who can help me to undertand the right way to do it...
>> thanks
> I think that you want to increment the version number, in which case you
> would edit debian/changelog (dch -v is a nice way to do it with devscripts).

Oh, I'm an idiot.  Please disregard.  Sorry.

- Erik

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