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How to deal with Python script

I've got a package of teepeedee[1] shortly arriving in Debian via a sponsor. 

It's a small package which contains a Python "helper" script
'teepeedee-share' to help with a basic configuration.  As far as I can tell,
I have the following options:

1. Add a Depends: on Python
2. Remove 'teepeedee-share' from the .deb
3. Put teepeedee-share in a separate package
4. Replace the 'teepeedee-share' with a shell wrapper, which calls the script
   if Python exists

I don't like 1. because Python is much bigger than teepeedee, and
teepeedee-share is not central to the package.

I don't like 2. because I might as well provide teepeedee-share if I can.

3. is just silly

I like 4. and it is what I have implemented, but my sponsor is
not so keen.

This thing must have come up many times before, but I can't find any
references.  Does anyone have any good ideas?

Please CC: me on replies.  I'm not subscribed and the archives are slow.


[1] http://john.fremlin.de/programs/teepeedee/

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