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Re: .diff.gz became as big as upstream source

On 2004-03-21 GCS <gcs@lsc.hu> wrote:
>  I have a small package, which generates configure, Makefile[.in] at
> every compilation.

Why? Do you patch configure.(in)? See
/usr/share/doc/autotools-dev/README.Debian.gz, especially the part
after »fix the timestamp skews using a proper chain of "touch«.

> As upstream already contained these files, when I
> build my package, and these files are regenerated but different versions
> of auto[conf|make], I get a big .diff.gz (as big as upstream source).
> Policy says I should not tamper with upstream source except where really
> necessary; but am I allowed to delete these files from upstream,
> generate them from debian/rules and clean again afterwards? It would
> make the .diff.gz very small, without any differences in .deb .

Yes ,this is allowed. But you'll need to adapt your build-dependencies,
you'll prbably need autoconf and automake.
                cu andreas

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