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[Solved] Re: Bengali wordlist for aspell

On Sat, 2004-03-20 at 03:06, Brian Nelson wrote:

> The configure script that comes with the aspell dicts is homebrew (not
> created by autoconf), and thus does not accept most of those options.
> Edit those out of the debian/rules file.  Also, you might want to check
> out some of the aspell-* packages in the archive for reference.

Thanks to all who have written in. It seems that the configure script
lacked the ability to handle any options passed to it. :( I had to
remove the options from the debian/rules script, and change make
distclean to make clean. The package now builds correctly. 

Have i broken any packaging rule by the above steps ? Should i take this
issue up with the upstream developers? 

Soumyadip Modak <soumyadip@gmx.net>
Soumyadip Modak <soumyadip@softhome.net>

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