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Re: Q: why dpkg-buildpackage unsets +x for file that is in /usr/share/doc/$name/* ?

On Sat, Mar 20, 2004 at 03:22:12PM +0200, Art??ras ??lajus wrote:
> I am building package and file "ec" in /usr/share/doc/echat/ isn't 
> executable.
> It's an script and makefile installs it with mode 755. What could be wrong?

Probably the fact that documentation is very rarely supposed to be
executable.  Why are you putting scripts in the documentation directory?

If it's an example, there's no reason for it to be +x.  If it's something
the user is supposed to run (or that is supposed to be run by another
program) you'll want it in /usr/share, because /usr/share/doc cannot be
relied upon to exist.

- Matt

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