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Re: RFS: pdfmerge

Hi Thomas, hi mentors,

Thomas Viehmann wrote:
why does it need autotools for a trivial perl script?
I wasn't aware that the autotools are _not_ the tools of choice for platform-independent programs :-) To me, it's the easiest way to help dh_make building the rules...

  what is the difference?
You're right that there are different ways to achieve the goal. Didn't knew that was a bad idea...

  On a second set of documents, both barfed on the input pdf...
Sure, pdfmerge can't do what ghostscript can't do...

- The script randomly overwrites files in the CWD.
Do you mean merged.ps? Yes, that should go into /tmp, imho, I'll hand it on to upstream...

I will not comment on packaging issues.
Sorry you don't like it.

cu, philipp

When in doubt, use brute force.

                               -- Ken Thompson

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