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Re: Need a sponsor to upload #234303

--- Matthew Palmer <mpalmer@debian.org> wrote:
> Before someone takes the time to look at the BTS and
> savannah, they need to
> be interested in your package.  Telling people what
> the package is helps in
> that.

Thanks for the hint. I'm sorry for my poor first try.
Please let me start over.

The usual description for the RULI package is:

  RULI stands for Resolver User Layer Interface. It's
  a library built on top of an asynchronous DNS stub
  resolver. RULI provides an easy-to-use interface
  for querying DNS SRV resource records (RFC 2782).
  The goal is to promote the wide deployment of
  SRV-cognizant software. RULI aims to fully
  support SRV-related standards.
  The distribution license is GNU GPL.

I think the main RULI benefit is the 
factoring of queries for DNS SRV records in a
standards-compliant way. RULI attachs to applications
by using the Liboop library (http://liboop.org/)
currently available for Debian. I see most
applications try to implement their own DNS subsystems

which lack adherence to the standards. SIP
implementations come to mind. By making RULI
available under Debian, I hope to ease the
"correct" adoption of SRV records by application

Detailed info on RULI can be found on Savannah:

I'm the upstream author of RULI. I have developed
my tentative debian packaging by reading the Debian
New Maintainers' Guide:

I'm violating the rules by starting with
a library. That's because I could fail to spend
enough time/dedication packaging an arbitrary package.
However, I'm commited to maintain RULI anyway,
so adding the management of the Debian packaging
is not a big deal.

Other problem so far I am unable to resolve is
getting a DD signature to my gpg key. I could not
contact DDs in my area (Brazil, Sao Paulo) until now.
I have tried to add a signing request under
but no luck, my record does not get registered.
I have read about a scanned driver license as
valid id. Is that currently feasible?

The bug report for the RULI package is here:

The tentative RULI package files are here:

I have also dupload'ed my package to:

Any further help is appreciated.



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