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RFS: pdfmerge

Hi mentors,

I packaged pdfmerge and would be happy to get it included into the Debian distribution.
pdfmerge is a simple perl script used to merge multiple PDF files into a
single output file, using ghostscript.

program:  pdfmerge
version:  1.0
homepage: http://pdfmerge4unix.sf.net/
Author:   Didier F. B. Casse

I created the package (it's lintian and linda-clean), you can find them at http://mr.technikum-wien.at/~mephinet/pdfmerge/ .

Comparable packages:
pdftk: uses java, therefore slower & more overhead

It would be great if you would sponsor this package to make it into sid :-)

Philipp Gortan

When in doubt, use brute force.

                               -- Ken Thompson

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