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Re: RFS: irssi-scripts - collection of scripts for irssi


* Florian Ernst (florian@uni-hd.de) [040227 00:55]:
> I hope somebody might be interested in sponsoring this adoption[1]
> which fixes several long outstanding bugs[2]:
> Package name        : irssi-scripts
> [...]

> The first RFS[4] didn't recieve much attention[5], so this is a final
> re-post. If nobody wants to sponsor this package, I'll continue to
> update it for some time until someone steps forward I can hand it over
> to and who actually has / doesn't need a sponsor.
> All script are written in perl, so I added a CC to debian-perl.

if no-one else does sponsoring, I'd do it (but not today, but on
Saturday or Sunday).

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