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Re: RFS: atanks, A scorched earth clone

> Atanks is a GPL'd game based on scorched earth which is a old DOS game
> that was called the mother of all 
> You've probably guessed that I'm looking for a sponser.
> I hope you'll at least play the game to see if you like it.

>> I'm sorry i couldn't, the orig.tar is missing?
>> No binaries - try again ;)
>> Have a nice day, martin

On Sunday 22 February 2004 06:44, "" <polygons@ispwest.com> wrote:
> sorry, I had no idea it was necessary, here it is:
> http://members.ispwest.com/polygons/debian/atanks_1.1.0.orig.tar.gz

Sorry, in the second try
"Directory Listing Denied,
This Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed."
is no acceptable answer to GET 

I'd say develop your webpages and find users and friends of your program 
and go ahead with it.
There are means to make your apt-get'table program available to users on 
registers of unofficial apt-get sites. I can't give you details, don't 
know them - my net connection is not good.

The files in your diff file look nice and you seem to try to do proper 
work. I had no chance to see the source.

atanks (1.1.0-1) is at least unusual for an Initial Release.
	install debian-policy.
debian/changelog expects you to mention when you add a manpage.
Check debian/copyright.
Reading your debian/rules brought the dh_strip manpage back to me [1].
	A debhelper based debian package may find other ways to handle nostrip.
hack looks dangerous to me, but i have no experience with strace under 
that conditions.

You found packaging manual and other documentation already? Search the 
websites, google, _*the pkg-archive*_ - may the source be with you :-)
Try the mailing list archives on www.d.o and elsewhere, reading in 
debian-devel can enhance your english vocabulary incredibly and 
together with -mentors teach you lots about the 'unwritten' procedures 
and measures towards quality.

Personally i don't have many games packages installed. There may 
be users of Debian that do have and may well enjoy a knowlegable handled 
package from you.
Debian developers like anybody who is going to help improve any of the 
workareas they love or simply do. While KDE really has some
source code to show. ;) does helping with Debian webpages certainly give 
you experience you'd search for.

However you gain the experience, i hope that you staying with Debian 
will be enyoing and enlightening for you, the community and Debian 

Have a nice day,
martin - the expressed opinion is my own at Sun Feb 22 08:19:04 CET 2004
G.Marx - These are my opinions. If you don't like them, i have others.
[1] man dh_strip - look at that nice options now!

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