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Re: Multi-person sponsorship

Matthew Palmer (mpalmer@debian.org) wrote:
>> >4) Automatically removing packages once they've been uploaded seems to be a
>> >general winner.
>> Couldn't you just reference packages.d.o (or a local Packages/Sources file)?
>Sorry, I don't understand this.  Are you suggesting that I scan an updated
>Packages file for package versions, and if they've got appropriate versions,
>remove them from the packages to sponsor list?
Yes. Actually the other way round, looking for a version for each package in the
sponsorship system...

> It'll probably be more timely and less bandwidth intensive to track -changes...
Well, I mostly have Packages/Sources for unstable available. In my book, I prefer
parsing those over automatically processing email. Also, it doesn't matter if you
miss a batch of stuff or things like this.

Kind regards


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