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Re: RFS: xhangglider package uploaded to mentors

El día 17/02/2004 a 03:05 Joshua Kwan escribio ...


> 1) You should work the build system so that the binary and manpage are
> built in the build-stamp target.

Done, I'm building only binary on build-stamp checking the .orig there's no
manpage for build, and original Makefile has a install.man target which
installs the manpage from xhangglider.man but there's no such file!

> 2) You should remove Makefile from the orig.tar.gz in the clean target at
> some point and upload a new one. Currently, refreshing the Makefile that
> came in the orig.tar.gz causes major diff.gz bloat:

I've ended with a temporary mv to .. then on build time I brough it back.

> 3) It is probably desirable to support DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=noopt in your
> debian/rules, so that the binary is built at -O0 instead of -O2 (i.e.
> for debugging purposes.)
> Otherwise this looks pretty nice. I took a look at the bugs page for
> xhangglider and posted a patch to #192923 - seems to work and you should
> apply it I think.

I've also applied that patch and used DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS. Package is now in



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