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Re: buildd problem

John Belmonte <john@neggie.net> writes:

> Hello,
> Not being much of a buildd expert, I'm wondering what is keeping my
> xmlsec1 package from entering testing.  There was a problem with the
> s390 build attempted Feb 05: "libgnutls10-dev missing".  However, I
> see that the s390 binary of libgnutls10-dev has been available since
> Feb 10. Will this take care of itself or must I do something to
> trigger a new build attempt?
> -John

You can check out details of the state of your package on


Depending on the state of your package in wanna-build its
automatic.  Correct state for "libgnutls10-dev missing" would be
Dep-Wait, which requeues the source once the dependency becomes
available (looks like that happened from what Colin Watson mailed).

More information about the different states and how it works is also
available if you follow links on the same page from above.


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