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Re: questions about packaging a kde app

El Sábado, 14 de Febrero de 2004 12:57, Tommaso Moroni escribió:
> Hi!
> While packaging my first kde application I had some problems/doubts:
> Is there any way to convert the upstream docbook in a man page?
> I tried with docbook-to-man and docbook-utils but they both didn't work.

Have a look at a perl script that Dominique Devriese wrote. It reads the 
output of kfoobar --help, and converts it in a man page. I found it really 
useful. Its in kdesdk/scripts/kdemangen.pl

> Also, is it normal that the program doesn't install the manual in
> KHelpCenter?

Use the debhelper templates that kdelibs4-dev provides (it includes a file 
with the kde dirs). There is also a helpful document 
in /usr/share/doc/kdelibs4-dev for KDE packaging.

Best regards.

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