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RFS: mozilla-locale-hu

Dear Mentors,

 I have a locale (Hungarian) package for Mozilla 1.6:
* Package name    : mozilla-locale-hu
  Version         : 1.6
  Upstream Author : András Tímár <timar@fsf.hu>
* URL             : http://mozilla.fsf.hu/langpack.html
* License         : Mozilla Public License 1.1
  Description     : Hungarian language pack for Mozilla

The package is lintian clean, but linda complains:
E: mozilla-locale-hu; File /usr/lib/mozilla/chrome/hu-unix.jar contained in /usr/lib of Architecture: all package.
I think it can be safely ignored. If I am wrong on this, please get my
attention and I will try to fix it somehow.
The Hungarian translation of Mozilla is an old project, I think it began
with Mozilla 0.9.x, proven to be an accurate translation with many happy
users. Unfortunately no one could make a package for Debian yet. :(

Thanks in advance,

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