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Re: Sponsorship guidelines


Matthew Palmer (mpalmer@debian.org) wrote:
Two quick things on the checklist:
- Maybe do add a quirk that the prospective packager should (or even say must)
  have read the canonical docs (policy, d.'s r., newmaint) and that the checklist
  not a subsitute. Every now and then I do get the impression that some
  (fortunately not many) sponsor-seekers didn't (e.g. when they didn't package
  the source...).
  You could argue that this is implied, but there's bound to be the ones that do
  the "why, if there's a checklist, I don't have to go through all the policy
- For descriptions, there also is [1], which seems to be pretty canonical.



1. http://people.debian.org/~walters/descriptions.html

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