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Re: C library for numerical analysis and math

On Thu, 2004-02-05 at 18:02, Halim Boukaram wrote:
> This is my second email. will it reach?
> I've written a fast C library for numerical analysis.
> -integration
> -differential equations
> -root finding
> -interpolation
> -fourier analysis
> -ploting curves
> -misc functions such as rect, tri etc

I don't know enough to really know, but it sure sounds impressive.

Presumably you are aware of the various GNU projects for these sorts of

If not, go hunting from www.gnu.org -> software or something like that.

If so, what does your library bring to the table that the existing
libraries don't have?

What license are you planning to use?

If you are planning to use GPL or LGPL or MIT/X style license, is there
room for cooperation/ integration with existing (namely GNU) projects
that are similar?

And a big welcome aboard to Debian, The Universal Operating System (TM).


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