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Re: Sponsor not responding

On Mon, Feb 02, 2004 at 02:34:43PM +0100, Roland Gruber wrote:
> I am maintainer of the ldap-account-manager package. It came into Debian
> in November 2003 and is sponsored by Matthew Palmer.
> The problem is that since the end of December Matthew did not reply to
> my mails. There were two new releases of the package and I sent four
> mails, the latest is from last Wednesday. But I got no response.

As mentioned, I was a LCA but have been back for a little over a week.  Problem
is, you take a week off work and people manage to find a month's worth of work
for you to do in the interim.  <grin>

I apologise, Roland, for my lack of communication, but I wanted to try and
square away what I was up to and give you an accurate estimate for when I could
get around to looking at the latest versions of LAM.  Hadn't quite gotten that
far yet, especially when I got a request to "drop everything and find us a CMS"
late last week.  Frothing about that can be found in ASR in a few days time.

If someone else wants to take over sponsorship of LAM either for a single
upload or permanently, I'd be grateful.  However, Roland, I am planning on
getting around to your package in turn.  I should have e-mailed you, but it
sounds so lame when all you can say is "I'm busy, sorry, I'll get to it".

If any of my other sponsees are listening, and fuming, I'm sorry, everybody's
in the same boat on that score.  If you want to look for other sponsors, feel
free.  The world has just gotten on top of me lately.  So much for "I'll have
much more free time once I get my thesis done..."

- Matt

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