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RFS: Spit


I would like to find a sponsor for 'Spit' (http://spit.sourceforge.net)

Spit is a graphical picture indexing tool. It can be used to manage pictures,
and generate HTML pages for putting your pictures online. It is designed for
user-friendliness, portability and extensibility. It allows quick & easy
ordering, editing and adding captions for pictures. It is written using
the Qt library.

At the moment, there are (too) many 'picture indexing' tools available.
However, very few of them come with simple and easy user interface. I have
received many positive comments on the simplicity of creating indexes with
spit. Recently, besides ease of use, Spit has also become very powerful
by only using XSLT stylesheets for generating HTML. This makes it very easy 
to create your own styles, and to customize the output of the tool itself.
The future still holds many exciting things: automatic synchronization with
(a) server(s) serving your pictures, interfacing to popular command-line
album generators, ...

Since i am a very devoted Debian user, Spit has had debian packages from
the start. But after getting requests to enter Spit in the main Debian
repository, maybe the time has come for me to try and accomplish this.
A Debian package for the latest version of Spit can be found on 

Is there anywone who wants to sponsor this package ?

thanks in advance,

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