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New Package (need final help)

Hello everyone -

I have made Debian packages for the game Scorched 3D 
(http://www.scorched3d.co.uk/). I have the authors permissions and I
successfully got myself through the build process thanks to the
excellent documentation on www.debian.org

I have also successfully updated the package to the new upstream
release that was made today.

I now have these packages sitting on my server at

How do I get these packages accepted into Debian unstable? The webpage
says I can ask an existing developer to become a "sponsor" and help me
get it done.

Alternatively, how do I create the Packages.gz file found on archive
sites, so people can apt-get from my server instead of downloading

PGP/GPG key: http://web.lemuria.org/pubkey.html
pub  1024D/2D7A04F5 2002-05-16 Tom Vogt <tom@lemuria.org>
     Key fingerprint = C731 64D1 4BCF 4C20 48A4  29B2 BF01 9FA1 2D7A 04F5

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