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Re: Looking for a mentor

On Wed, Nov 05, 2003 at 07:06:12PM -0800, Jess Mahan wrote:

>  I would like to become a Debian maintainer, but I understand that I
>  need a mentor first.

  Right now you need to have a sponsor to look over your packages then
 upload them for you.  After that this sponsor may well decide that
 having worked with you they wish to become your mentor.

>  Right now, there are only two packages that I would like to maintain:
>   - wmnetload
>   - msmtp
>  I have packaged these, and they are available via:
>  deb http://digitalssg.net/debian ./
>  deb-src http://digitalssg.net/debian ./

  The msmtp tarball I downloaded contains multiple copies of the source
 and doesn't look like a pristine upstream source.

  (eg. It contains a debian directory, inside which is another copy of
  the source, and inside that there is yet another debian directory).

  The wmnetload package I couldn't download:

  	You don't have permission to access /debian/wmnetload-1.3.tar.gz
	on this server.

# Debian Security Audit Project

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