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RFS: pinentry-qt

Hi! I'm also looking for a sponsor for the pinentry-qt package (the qt
version of pinentry)

Package: pinentry-qt
Description: QT frontend to ask the gpg PIN
 This is a very simple module, it only opens a modal dialog and asks for the
 PIN. Using a special protocol, it cooperates directly with the GpgAgent.
 functionality is not built into the GpgAgent directly to avoid linking
 the complex GUI code. Furthermore, the module can be adopted to existing
 graphical user interfaces easily.
URL: http://sindominio.net/koke/debian/

I downloaded the source from: http://mirrors.sunsite.dk/gnupg/pinentry/
And the site is: http://www.gnupg.org/aegypten/

This RFP (214578) was marked as important in the bugs database

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