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looking for umbrello sponsor

hi everyone,

since it looks like kde 3.2 won't make it into sarge i thought about
taking umbrello, a UML modelling tool, out of the current kdesdk cvs and
release it as a independent package.

i think it would be very cool to have umbrello in debian as soon as
possible, as we don't have anything like it right now (except for dia,
which isn't really the same thing and this conceptual modelling thing
that is too academic to work with it). so i talked it over with ben
burton, the kdesdk maintainer, and he agreed.

since i am no debian developer i am looking for a sponsor to upload it,
so please have a look:


the package has been tested by a few people besides me and should work

cu  robert

Robert Lemmen                                 http://www.semistable.com

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