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Re: Need help: difficult NM / requestor

Roland Mas (2003-08-25 11:52:06 +0200) :

> Roland Mas (2003-07-24 18:25:55 +0200) :
> [...]
>>   Anyway, the offer as it stands is this (fairly standard)
>> sponsorhip offer: Eray makes fixed packages, makes them available
>> on a public URL, posts this URL to debian-mentors (possibly Cc:ing
>> me and/or Mark Brown), and we sponsor these packages if they're
>> good.  If they're good, and the bugs are fixed, we'll advertise
>> that.  If the packages are very good, we'll say that publically
>> too, and maybe advocate him to the DAM.  If they're not good, we'll
>> also advertise that, and Eray will be in an even more awkward
>> position to bitch and demand than he is now.
> For anyone interested: one month has passed.  I've been away for
> holidays, but I found no email from Eray in my inbox when coming
> back.

  Two months[1].  Still no email.  Haven't seen him on IRC either.


[1] Okay, two months minus one day, but I won't have net access for
two or three days.
Roland Mas

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