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MIME policy, use of /usr/lib/mime


I have a package that uses dh_installmime to put a file in
/usr/lib/mime/packages/ so as to register itself for some MIME types.

>From the man pages (update-mime(8) and dh_installmime(1)) and the Debian
MIME support sub-policy at
http://www.debian.org/doc/packaging-manuals/mime-policy/ it seems to me
it is the only place to put these files currently (I noticed
/usr/share/mime-info but it looks gnome-specific).

linda complains because my package is "Architecture: all" and puts
things in /usr/lib.

I think it is not impossible, although unlikely, to have packages
register arch-specific MIME entries (think of a viewer written in
assembly for $ARCH...). Therefore, /usr/lib/mime doesn't look totally
wrong to me for some cases at least (a combination of /usr/lib/mime and
/usr/share/mime would be better, probably, but doesn't seem supported
right now).

So, I would say that given the current status of things, linda should
not report an error for this issue, and I should file a bug report. What
do you think?

BTW: the file
     referenced on
     does not exist.



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