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Re: Filter for W32/Swen@MM

> module, so I have installed python2.2 (2.2.1-4.2) and changed your
> script header accordingly. Nevertheless, procmail log shows that
> something is still failing:
> [...]

This is now fixed and Ismael told me the script now works with Python 2.2 on 
Woody, too.

BTW: If you get messages like "file: Using regular magic file `/usr/share/
misc/magic.mime'" to e.g. procmail log and don't like them, change...

  file_command_path = "/usr/bin/file"

...to something like...

  file_command_path = "/usr/bin/file-NOT_IN_USE"

...to disable calling 'file'. Mime guessing will be turned off, though.

- Jarno

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