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Re: Beyond sponsoring


Geert Stappers wrote:
> My appologies if you did feel offended.
No problem; I wasn't.

> Package sponsoring surely helps. Telling people to use sourceforge, is
> pointing to the wrong direction. However, no hardfeelings.
He already does use sourceforge. IMHO, if people already use a tool (A), 
telling them to actually use that tool correctly is a Good Thing(A+).

Telling them that there's a better tool out there, for some metric of 
"better", is also a Good Thing(B). However, people tend to use different 

I might also have told him B (and I probably will do that, next time), but if 
for the problem at hand the solution A+ is just as helpful as B and 
significantly less work for the maintainer, then advocating B _instead_of_ A+ 
is a disservice, IMHO.

Just explaining -- again, no hard feelings taken or intended.

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