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More IRAF stuff

I've actually managed to get past the HSI bootstrapping 
process for my IRAF build.  It's going to be a little 
tricky to figure out how to automate this for Debian, 
though.  There's two nasty things that the standard
IRAF build requires:

1st) It wants a special user named "iraf" to be created to
do the administration and installation of IRAF.  
Furthermore, the .cshrc and .login files for this user have 
to be sourced to get the correct environment for building 
IRAF, and the "install" script (which I think needs to be 
run from "postinst" in Debian), checks for the existence of
this user.  If not found, I don't think it will complete 
the installation.

2nd) I have to symlink or copy a few header files into 
/usr/include.  Altering the "-I" flags for the C compiler 
*doesn't* work, because the build requires IRAF's own 
"libc" headers at certain points and then the system's
standard headers at other points.  For some reason, they 
get searched correctly when these few headers are
copied into /usr/include, but not when I compile with
-I/usr/include.  Is there a way I can put these on the gcc 
include search path without having to pollute a system 
directory during the build (that will make the build 
incompatible with fakeroot, too, won't it?).  Unfortunately,
I haven't done much with gcc -- I remember systems (well,
MS-DOS) on which you could do this sort of thing by having 
an environment variable INCLUDE, but that doesn't seem
to have any effect with gcc.

Any advice on how to simulate those things using fakeroot
or the like?  Also, is debian-mentors where I should ask 
this question?


Terry Hancock ( hancock at anansispaceworks.com )
Anansi Spaceworks  http://www.anansispaceworks.com

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