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Policy-problem: Split package with libraries or not?

This is a resend of a mail I've sent with a wrong subject yesterday, so
it might got sorted in the wrong thread and did not get answers yet:

I'm stuck... As I have written some days before I am trying to package
camsource - a camserv like webcam-streaming software.

As usual ;) I did not listen to the guidelines regarding single-binary
only first packages, so camsource contains some devel-files and
libraries (filters/plugins to camsource).

First packaging went well and now I want to split them to follow the
policy-rules regarding libraries.

To do so I'd have to split the package into camsource (main binary),
libcamsource0 (shared libraries + links)  and libcamsource0-dev (static
libraries + includes). Correct?

Coming to the problematic part: camserv used to do this just like this,
but newer versions (starting at 1:0.5.0-1) contain everything in one
package again. This is listed in the Changelog, so it was done on
        * Flush separate lib and lib-dev packages.

So is this a wrong packaged camserv or is there a way around the policy
rule from above (which would make packaging a lot easier).

Lintian doesn't report it as an error, another point that makes me
believe it's possible to include the libraries and header files in the


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