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Sponsor and Mentor request


I recently found the time to really delve into Debian packages and such and
with the support of the upstream author have created a package for the
PennMUSH flavor of mud server. I am also beginning to look for orphaned
packages which may relate to the same category or which have been useful in
the past, Jitterbug is one which has been added to my list of possibilities.

In any case, I would appreciate any interest on the part of a possible mentor.

The current PennMUSH package files can be found at http://debian.korongil.net/
Any input is appreciated.

Also, any Debian Developers in the Michigan area who are willing to meet to verify and cross sign pgp keys, I'd be interested in doing so rather than following the alternate methods of verifying my identity.

Ervin Hearn III


----- Ervin Hearn III -----| KorongilMUSH Code & Theme Wizard
Email: noltar@korongil.net | http://www.korongil.org/
http://noltar.korongil.org | telnet://mush.korongil.org:6250
'Myth based on Legend, Legend based on Fact, Fact is Reality.'
- Noltar uth Mormadar

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