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RFS: netenv

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I am looking for a sponsor for netenv, which is orphaned (#188167) and
ITA'd by me. I'm Cc:'in debian-laptop (to which I'm not subscribed) and
some developers who have answered to bugs.

Description: Configure your system for different network environments
 Netenv creates a file containing variable assignments which reflect the
 current environment. It is especially useful for notebook computers, since
 it is used (if configured) by the PCMCIA setup scheme included in the
 Debian pcmcia-cs package and the plip setup script included as an example
 in this package.  You can also use netenv to configure your window manager 
 or your printing environment.
 Note that you either have to specify a kernel parameter or enter the chosen
 environment by hand during boot time. The boot process will stop until you
 entered something.

I had yet agreed with a Debian developer I know, Bernhard Link, that he
would sponsor me. However, he seems to be on vacation or the like for
quite some time, and I would like to get the new package into Debian
soon, so that it can get into sarge.

Please note the following:

- - Current netenv in Debian is heavily outdated, it is version 0.82 (and
  standards-version, current upstream (and my packages) are
  0.94.2 (and Standard-version 3.6.0)

- - Bernhard had yet agreed essentially that the package is o.k., and I
  hope that in future uploads he will act as my sponsor again - so there
  won't be a lot to do for a sponsor.

- - There was one issue Bernhard wasn't sure about and inclined to
  disagree with me, regarding debconf. I have discussed this in
  debian-mentors, see the thread starting with

  I have decided that as long as I am not able to write a 99.9% secure
  autoconfiguration script, I should stick to using debconf.

Source packages as well as i386 binary packages¹ are available at my web
site, on the top of the page:


Thank you,

¹in fact it is "nearly" architecture "all", there's only one small
utility that's compiled from C source, and could perhaps be replaced
- -- 
Frank Küster, Biozentrum der Univ. Basel
Abt. Biophysikalische Chemie
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