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Re: RFS: LDAP Account Manager - 2nd try :)

On Sat, Sep 13, 2003 at 07:53:56PM +0200, Roland Gruber wrote:
> Sorry for that, hopefully you have a backup of your account.
No, it was some scramble to get that working, luckily I had
directory-manager running and could add my account back.

> This problem occurs only when the edited account has not the
> objectclasses LAM needs. Objectclasses cannot be added, the whole
> account has to be rewritten. If LAM fails to write the updated account,
> probably because of schema violations, it will be lost.
> We are working on this problem and fix it before the next release.
Why cannot objectclasses be added? I have done that several times.
Or did you mean LAM cannot add objectclasses yet?

BTW, it would be nice if LAM and directory-manager had some commonality
with each other.

 - Craig
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