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Multi-source package. Native?

I'm starting my IRAF packaging adventure again (I spoke 
with the maintainer of the current binary-only "contrib" 
IRAF package, Zed Pobre, a year or two ago [CC'd, Hi Zed, 
I'm back], and the situation seems fairly unchanged -- it 
is "contrib" because he was not able to build it from 
source, not because that is forbidden by licensing.  I may 
have a bit more insight into the upstream source providers, 
so I'm going to see if I can handle it now.)  I've also 
mentioned this to Mike Fitzpatrick who's pretty much the 
upstream maintainer at NOAO, and he at least seems sanguine 
about it. ;-)

One problem is that there is no source .tgz file for IRAF, 
there are instead three, and they are versioned by location,
not name (i.e. you will find same-named archives in each
of the version directories on the FTP server, but they are 
different files -- I'm building IRAF 2.12, BTW):

hs.pcix.gen.gz		(Host System Interface Sources)
is.port.gen.gz		(IRAF Core Sources)
ns.port.gen.gz		(NOAO Package Sources)
	(yes, they're actually tar.gz format)

To make matters worse, if and when I get around to building
for platforms other than i386, I may need variants of the 
hs.*.gen.gz package as well.

I propose to resolve this by repacking my unpacked sources, 
into a more-conformant source .tgz format. Is that what is 
meant by a "Debian Native Package"?

To add to the mayhem, there is a note which states that an
NSF policy change has indeed made some important components
of IRAF non-free, so I infer that a free version will need 
to remove the affected components.  But I intend to attack 
that as a separate problem from the initial build. It does 
underscore the need for a cleaned-up new distribution 
package, though.

Part of the reason for this mess, of course, is that the 
source package I propose to make will be on the order of
17 MB in size, which, historically at least, has been 
considered inconveniently large for internet downloading.

Can I just tell dh_make to make this corrected archive,
using the native option?  Or do I need to be more clever 
than that?

# Unpack the upstream sources
mkdir iraf-2.12
cd iraf-2.12
tar zxf ../hs.pcix.gen.gz
tar zxf ../is.port.gen.gz
mkdir noao
cd noao
tar zxf ../../ns.port.gen.gz

#  '*'

# Run dh_make with "native" option:
dh_make --email anansi@anansispaceworks --native --single 

# Edit the files in debian/, set up debian/rules to do the 
build properly

# Then just run the buildpackage script
dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -sgpg

Have I got that right?  Or should I be manually creating 
the new source .tgz distribution at the point labeled '*'

Advice, hand-holding, and general moral support much 
appreciated.  ;-)


Terry Hancock ( hancock at anansispaceworks.com )
Anansi Spaceworks  http://www.anansispaceworks.com

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