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Re: Okay, this is my 3rd package, now I need help...

On Sep 10, Goedson Teixeira Paixao (goedson@debian.org) wrote:
 > * Neil Roeth (neil@debian.org) wrote:
 > > The approach I took with a multi-binary package that I created from scratch
 > > was to do the configure and make, then set DESTDIR to $(CURDIR)/debian/tmp,
 > > export it, and do the make install.  This puts everything into the directory
 > > hierarchy below debian/tmp.  So far, nothing package specific.  Then, I told
 > > the debhelper tools where to put things by creating files <package>.install
 > > for each binary package, then calling dh_install once for each package with
 > > the option -p<package>.  This makes it install the files for each package into
 > > the appropriate subdirectory of debian/ for that package.
 > You don't need to call dh_install for each package. You may do just
 > one dh_install (without -p option) call and it will install the files
 > in the appropriate subdirectories. 

True.  In my case, I chose to make a target for each binary package so that I
could build each binary package separately.  I ended up with five sets of
commands, with some identical calls, like dh_install, and some that apply to
only one package, like dh_installemacsen, dh_installxfonts, etc.  Instead, I
could have created one set of commands with appropriate -p, -a or -i options
to each.

Neil Roeth

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