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copyright guidance

Hi there,

A while back I ITA'd the rocks-n-diamonds package.  After talking with the 
upstream maintainer I realized this package can't be included in Debian 
without heavy modification of the upstream version.  I'm not going to say 
exactly what the problem is here, but it definitely doesn't meet the 
requirements of section 2.3 of the policy manual.  If you need me to spell it 
out explicitly, send me a private email.

I'm hoping I can have a new version of this package ready by next week that 
meets the requirements of section 2.3, but I'm a bit worried that the current 
version will make it into the 3.0R2 or 3.1 releases.  If someone with 
experience dealing with copyright issues could take a look at the current 
rocks-n-diamonds package and give me a bit of guidance I'd really appreciate 
it.  More than anything else I want to be sure I don't screw things up by 
doing nothing.

John Lightsey

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