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Re: FAQ for debian-mentors

On Thu, Sep 04, 2003 at 05:54:49PM +1000, Matthew Palmer wrote:
> OK, having watched the same questions come past regularly, I've finally
> bitten the bullet and put a bit of a FAQ together for this list.  I'd
> appreciate comments and more questions and answers.

> http://people.debian.org/~mpalmer/debian-mentors_FAQ.html

Thanks, good shot. Things I am missing:
* Section "How do I get a sponsor for my package?" should explicitely
  note that we are not interested (a lot) in the binary package but in
  the source package, i.e. dsc and diff.gz.

* debian-mentors frequently gets posts from people who are mixing up
  "sponsor" and "advocate" and the time-line. It would be nice if the
  FAQ could explain this, especially the time-line:
  1. Package stuff
  2. Find a DD who checks and uploads it for you, this is called
     "sponsoring" an  upload/a package. (newbie nevertheless is
     responsible for maintaining the package)
  3. Keep the package in shape, fix bugs, make new uploads with your
  4. Decide whether you want to become a DD and do more work for
     Debian, if no just continue with 3.
  5. So you want to become DD. ;-) First thing you need is a DD who
     testifies for you, i.e. basically has the opinion that you are
     doing good work and would like you to become a DD. This is called
     "advocate". As he has to have some idea _what_ you did it is not
     sensible to just ask on debian-mentors for an advocate. It has to
     be somebody who has worked together with you, the DD who
     previously acted as your sponsor is a natural choice. Once you
     have an advocate you can start the NM-process.

              cu andreas
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