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New Mentor? But don't want to step on toes

Hi all.
I've been working on a few debian packages, plywood (which is already in
sid) python-zodb and python-irman. python-zodb is packaging of upstream
sources that I may be working on with Luca DeVitis. (Once he gets back
from vacation) python-irman is a native package that is a python
interface for libirman used for interfacing IRMan infrared hardware.

I started work on being a debian developer last year, when I did work on
plywood. Joerg Jaspert took me on as a mentor at that time. Since then,
I took some time off to finish school, but I'm doing much more
development work recently and want to get back in to the swing of
things. Joerg has indicated that he is quite busy. (although if this is
wrong, Joerg, please let me know) I don't want to be a bother, so I was
wondering if anyone else had some time to spend. My gpg key is signed
and uploaded already, too. 


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