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Re: RFS: LDAP Account Manager

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Thorsten Sauter wrote:
| * Roland Gruber <post@rolandgruber.de> [2003-09-01 18:53]:
| | the LDAP Account Manager (LAM) team is looking for a sponsor.
| |
| | LAM is a tool to manage Samba and Unix accounts in (Open)LDAP. It is
| | written in PHP4 and should run on all architectures.
| interesting.
| |
| | Debian package: Homepage or
| |
| to help possible sponsors I guess it's a good idea to post some basic
| informations about the package.
| Is there a ITP bug filled?

What is an ITP bug? I read some of the new maintainers manual but I am
not really familiar with the process of pushing packages into Debian.

| Basic package infos like short description, long, description, ...

Short: LDAP Account Manager (LAM) manages Unix and Samba accounts in a
LDAP directory.

Long: It runs on a webserver and is controlled via your browser. It
supports the Samba 2.x and Samba 3 schema. There is also a script
included which manages quota and homedirectories, you have to setup sudo
if you want to use it. LAM can be accessed at http(s)://localhost/lam.

The descriptions are not perfect, I will update them for the beta release.

LAM is not a big package, ~ 170 kB. There is a debconf menu to configure
Apache(-SSL) which I copied from LDAP Explorer. I used yada to build
control and rules.

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