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managing existing packages

In putting my packages to my local repository, I've encountered a number of messages & questions.

When running dpkg-scanpackages I got this message:

! Package spinelli (filename pool/spinelli_0.9_i386.deb) is repeat;
  ignored that one and using data from pool/spinelli_0.10_i386.deb !

I'm using a pool directory & I'm wondering if this message came because I kept my existing .deb files around from the first version (spinelli 0.9). Should one purge older package versions from the database as good practice? If so, are there automated tools for this? dput doesn't seem to have a 'purge old versions of this package' option. Or is this to be done manually (yuck) Deb-reference didn't speak of a good practice for this. But it did mention an expiration mechanism, but it wasn't clear to me if this was something I could control.

** Packages in archive but missing from override file: **
 gnu-smalltalk gnu-smalltalk-doc spinelli

I'm not sure which override file is being referred to. Any ideas?



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