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debix still searches sponsor

Hi again,

still no definit sponsor.

I started a tiny webpage on alioth: http://debix.alioth.debian.org/


> Hi,
> I'm looking for a sponsor for 2 packages (debix and debix-imager), who
> would have guessed. :)
> Debix-imager
> ============
> Debix-imager is a setuid binary that allows a user to create a
> loopback file, format it with the filesystem of his choice and install
> the contents of a tar file or a debian system via debootstrap on it.
> The intention is to make it flexible enough for boot-floppies,
> debian-installer and debix to create their bootfloppies, ramdisks and
> live filesystems without needing root themself.
> I'm looking for a sponsor that knows a bit about security.
> boot-floppies and/or debian-installer experiences would be good too.
> At the moment I'm use ocaml but a rewrite in C/C++ would be easy and
> maybe cleaner. (Codesize 195 lines atm).
> ftp://mrvn.homeip.net/debix-imager/
> Debix
> =====
> Debix is a collection of scripts to create live filesystems. Several
> flavours are planed:
> - Make a live filesystem image from any existing linux system
>   Apart from a special initrd a plain image of the existing system is
>   made without changes. The image on CD is made semingly writeable via
>   LVM2 snaphots by the initrd and then the normal init is started.
> - Pure live filesystem like knoppix
>   Difference to Knoppix would be customizable size, being a pure
>   Debian system and the possibility to migrate the live filesystem to
>   harddisk on-the-fly to get a running Debian system (with the
>   drawback that the partitioning scheme is mostly fixed, using online
>   ext2/3 resize patches could solve that).
> - Make a live filesystem with boot-floppies or debian-installer
>   Console and X subflavours included. The advantage over the normal
>   CDs would be better autodetection and access to www, irc and local
>   docs during instalation (one could read the installation docs on
>   www.debian.org in galeon while running boot-loppies in an xterm).
>   A mixture of knoppix and installer.
> A sponsor should be versed in /bin/sh and intrested in creating live
> filesystems. Having a CD-rw or DVD-rw burner would be a big plus but
> bochs or vmware will do to test stuff.
> Sources aren't debianized yet but I have an example CD image made from
> a normal woody system (flavour 1 from above) at
> rsync://mrvn.homeip.net/images/
> Anyone intrested?
> MfG
>         Goswin
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