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On Wed  14:06, Matthias Urlichs wrote:
> If these prgrams are not intended to be called by users, they belong in
> /usr/lib/PACKAGE, not /usr/bin.

This would be desireable, however they need to be in $PATH so that
they can be called by PVM. If I put them here I either need to hack the
program, or the user has to make sure their host file for PVM has the
path setup correctly. I'm glancing at the code, and that seems to be
simple to do.

Changing PATH to include the libdir would be wrong, and relying on the
user to know that this dir is needed will be a headache, so I think I'll
go ahead and change the code...

Ok, thats done and the new debs are up:
deb http://bioinfo.ucr.edu/debian/ testing main contrib non-free

Thanks, for the feedback.


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| laurichj@bioinfo.ucr.edu |
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