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Re: newbie packaging question

oops, shouldn't have posted so soon. I found the dpkg -i .deb option. I'll work through that. sorry

Matthew Palmer wrote:

On Mon, Aug 11, 2003 at 04:16:31PM -0700, Eric Winger wrote:
> thx to all for the responses. I'm slowly making progress here. Could
> someone distinguish the configuration section and how that applies to
> debian packages for me (the eternal newbie).

There are several "configuration sections" you need to take into account.
They are typically split into "package creation", "package installation" and "runtime" configuration. Package creation config is what's in the debian/ directory of your package "source". Installation time config are known as
"maintainer scripts" - they consist of the preinst, postinst, prerm, and
postrm scripts run at the appropriate time during configuration, and also
the debconf scripts (which I'm presuming you won't need at this stage).

> I was under the impression that the configuration rules were what the
> package would run after it was loaded. However, when I did a fakeroot
> against my simplistic package, it actually ran the config rules which
> surprised me.

"Did a fakeroot" as 'in ran "fakeroot debian/rules" in your package source
directory'?  Then the config files you're talking about are probably
debian/rules and friends.

> Can someone clarify. I'm looking to create the simple .deb package, then
> put in a 'post load' method which runs the binary i'm putting in the
> package.

At installation time?  You'll want to add an appropriate command to the
postinst script. That file gets run after the package's files are unpacked
into their respective locations in the filesystem.

> Also (really really stupid question).. where do i get these sources for
> the packages you guys mentioned?

The easiest way for packages in the actual archive is to run 'apt-get source <package>'. That'll download the sources and unpack them into the current

- Matt

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