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Re: search a sponsor fvwm-themes

On Sat, Aug 02, 2003 at 08:29:48AM +0200, smilebef wrote:
> I am new here.
> I have debianized a package named "fvwm-themes".
> I have it made with instrucktion from original developer.
> Now this package is so i think ready to test and ready to show to an sponsor.
> The original developer have me say, how he want.
> * a entry in the original Makefile.am "deb-dist" and "deb-dist3" like rpm.
> So i have it done.
> Also i have the "debian/*" uploadet to cvs-server.
> Now anybody can load the package from cvs and "make deb-dist".

Respect the time of other people, help them helping you.
Tell us how to checkout from the CVS-server.

> Ok i wait for respond.
Please, don't wait. Make your self usefull elsewhere.
Do good work, but DO NOT WAIT.

> Andrei

Geert Stappers

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