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Re: tagging bugs "woody"?

On 29.07.03 15:20 Frank Küster wrote:
users working with Debian woody often do not look at archived bugs when
reporting bugs on a package. Therefore it is likely that bugs that have
long been fixed in unstable, but will never be in woody will be reported
multiple times again.

Therefore on debian-tetex-maint@lists.debian.org it was suggested to
keep such bugs open. The "fixed" tag is appropriate for this, I
assume. However, for people using unstable it would be nice to point out
that the bug doesn't apply to them (and if they find similar behavior,
it's a new bug).

But is tagging it "woody" conformant with Debian practice? In

Imvvvho this a matter of personal taste, and the manual (the part I snipped) can be taken as guideline instead of as bible. Personaly I'd keep only these bugs open which _really_ get reported at least twice, otherwise the BTS is to messy for me to work with.

Tagging them as "fixed,woody" sounds wrong to me, they'll be listed as "closed in NMU" and will probably be rereported again.
          cu andreas

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