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I have a preinst script that runs fine standalone but is giving me problems
as a preinst script

The script creates a new group and new user with a new home directory.  Its
for MacOSX, so niutil commands are used for creating the group and user id.

The script gets executed during installation of the .deb file (I see the
echo's and, if I add -p to the niutil commands I get prompted for a
passwrd), but niutil commands don't function properly.  They don't return
errors--they just don't  create the user/group.

The complementary commands  in the postrm script that remove the group and
user complain that the user and group don't exist (as expected since the
preinst script fails to create them).

I'm executing "dpkg -i" as root with bash shell.   I get no errors.  Again,
running the preinst script directly creates the user and group as desired.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Here's the preinst script:

(See attached file: preinst)
Dave Thomas

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