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Re: Still not satisfied

This one time, at band camp, Halil Demirezen said:
> As i mentioned in my previous mail.  I am developing a free software
> all my own currently.  At the same time i am in AM queue. So I want to
> upload my program to Debian. However as a result of NM process, if i
> started maintaining, I would like to maintain it.
> So, should i submit it to the sponsorship.?

I think your previous email did what is known as thread hijacking, or
replying to a message with a totally diferent subject or content.  This
is considerd impolite to other users.

The usual way to get a sponsor for a program is to package it, test it,
and then post an email describing the program, where it can be
downloaded, and so forth.  The other thing is you don't need to be a
developer to maintain - just to upload it.

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