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Re: Merging sponsorship program and WNPP

[Please CC me, as I'm not on debian-mentors.]

Thomas Viehmann wrote:
> Aside from the results of the thread that followed (discuss with web people who
> maintain WNPP lists etc.), I still think it uneccessarily lowers visibility of RFSs.

How's that?  Rather than being available in the archives of
debian-mentors, a list of packages awaiting sponsorship will be
available on the web and in the WNPP report.

> Also: What are the harms of the current system? If anyone wants to (and some people
> do), they can always send a mail to the ITP announcing they're now in the process of
> seeking a sponsor.

Developers have to search the archives of debian-mentors to see if
the package is still being developed or is awaiting a sponsor.

Why use a BTS instead of reporting bugs to a mailing list?

Matt Kraai          kraai@alumni.cmu.edu          Debian GNU/Linux

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