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Re: RFS: pdsh

Junichi Uekawa wrote:

  Commercialization of this product is prohibited without notifying the
  Department of Energy (DOE) or Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

This seems to me to conflict with the GPL, and I'd like confirmation on that. I guess if it is, then the proper procedure would be to ask upstream about the conflict.

That conflicts with Debian Free Software Guidelines, even if it doesn't conflict with GPL.

Are you certain that this is a violation? I believe you were probably refering to the "No discrimination against fields of endeavor" clause, but is notification considered a restriction? It doesn't require permission from LLNL, just that they be notified.

Regardless I will contact the upstream author to see if this product can be distributed without that clause, but in the past have notification clauses been considered a DFSG violation?

Brian Pellin

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