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Chile says hi

Hello all, first post and no native speaker
so forgive my grammar and any error i could make
, just for the first time please :)

I'm a debian user, i think the time has come to do something
more usesful than just use your work, so i have checked te
docs about the steps for application to become a debian developer
and here I'm asking questions again (does this wheel never stop? :-)

1.- i have been pocking around on the orphaned packages list
looking for something that I use and can actually take over
to mantain,  I have tryed to make an initial contact with 
the former mantainer of epic4-script-splitfire, i ask him
if i could try to solve the bugs mentioned on his report
and package splitfire for him to sponsor my work, but he
don't reply. what next?

2.- I use to do some programming, mostly tools for personal
use but maybe among them i have something that could be of
interest to the debian comunity, i was wonderig if i could
try to find a sponsor for a new piece of software, coded
and packaged by me, what are the steps needed to do this?
how dificult is to have a new picece of software accepted
for packaging an uploading? (i know i need a sponsor to do that for me)
is this a good idea anyway?

I live in chile (southamerica) there is not a single
debian developer in my area, not a single one in my entyre
country, so i have to get an sponsor for him to help me to
pass the identity check, i'm prepared to do that in the way
the docs teach me, i have my gpg key exported on a public server
and my signed photo id card ready to give to whom may be
interested in help me. first i need to make a choice betwen
the two afore mentioned alternatives, so please help me to find the
right way.

well, any help will be really apreciated
hope you can understand my weird english

best regards
        Reynaldo H. Verdejo P.
        rverdejo AT udec cl

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