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Re: Build non-free ncompress

Kenneth Pronovici wrote:
> Anyway, now that I've done all of this cleanup, I've realized that the
> package won't move into testing until I build it on all of the
> architectures it was built on for woody.  Right now, according to the
> excuses list, I am missing alpha, arm, hppa, ia64, powerpc, s390 and
> sparc.  I know that in order to take care of this, I will have to build
> ncompress by hand on each of these architectures.  What I can't figure
> out is exactly how to do that.
> According to the machines list, I can get access to a machine running
> sid for hppa, powerpc, sparc and mipsel.  This leaves alpha, arm, ia64
> and s390 before ncompress can move into testing, and then also m68k and
> mips before I can support all of the official architectures.
> What am I supposed to do with all of those architectures for which no
> sid environment exists?  I notice that some of the machines have
> (+chroots) listed.  Is this the way I can build for sid on a machine
> running woody?  If so, where can I find instructions on how to do it?

If I were you I'd maybe build it on some of these architectures if I
felt motivated to do so, and then file a bug on ftp.debian.org to get
the old builds removed for the other architectures that are no longer
autobuilding non-free software. If they don't want to autobuild it, why
waste their CPU time and your time trying to do it manually. Ftp master
is generally responsive to such requests.

see shy jo

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